Ticketyboo, Health Tested Poodle Stud Dogs.

Available to all breeds!

Professionally handled, top quality, extensively DNA health tested Toy Poodle studs and Miniature Poodle Stud Dogs.

Our beautiful Poodle stud boys, three Toy Poodles, three Miniature Poodles are all excellent examples of their breed. All are well proven and very experienced. They carry excellent blood lines, and all are known for their sweet natures.

I have many years experience in mating dogs of all sizes and breeds, and also worked as a veterinary nurse. I am committed to improving the health of future generations of dogs, by carrying out whatever DNA health testing is available to us.

Two matings are given, normally 48 hours apart. The normal receptive period for a bitch is day 11 to 15 of her season,  but each bitch and every season can be different. Care is taken to make sure that each bitch is given enough assessment before and during mating to ensure that she is ready to mate.

We have an excellent record in successfully mating bitches whose owners have lost track of the duration of their bitches season.

The matings take place in a clean, relaxed and friendly home environment, with plenty of time for the bitch to settle after her journey here.

Every effort is made to make the experience as stress free as possible for both bitch and owner. The matings are fully supervised and carried out as compassionately as possible.

Copies of all paperwork are issued after the first mating.

We respectfully ask that visiting bitches are healthy, and of good temperament. Bitches showing signs of disease, fleas or neglect will not be mated.

We support the Dog Trust with regular donations.