Ovulation Tests

We can offer a free ovulation test if required.


We can offer after care advice, on your pregnant bitch, whelping and rearing your puppies. First time breeders and maiden bitches welcome.


Early booking, when your bitches season starts is advised, as we do not overwork the boys and always allow several days to rest between matings.

Short Notice Matings

Short notice matings can be accommodated when possible.

Evening and weekend matings are no problem.


About Us and Our Dogs.

Although our Poodles are experienced stud dogs, they are primarily our pampered and much loved family dogs, and kept in tip top condition. They are treasured members of our dog loving family.

They lead a full and energetic life, sharing our country home, sofas, fireside and gardens with us. Consequently all of them are confident little stud dogs.

Fascinated and enchanted by dogs from an early age, I have spent my entire life with these wonderful creatures.

It is my aim to do my very best to safeguard the health and welfare of future generations of puppies, by carrying out extensive health tests on our stud boys. Only by doing this can we eradicate some of the worst hereditary diseases that some breeds  can develop. Our boys have passed all their DNA testing as clear, and therefore their puppies are guaranteed to never suffer from those diseases. This ensures peace of mind, for both breeders using our studs, and their puppy buyers.

Stud Fees

The stud fee is payable at the first mating.

Fees are are marked on each dogs web page.

In the unlikely event of no litter a free mating would be offered on the same bitches next season.