Beautiful Chamption Sired White Toy

Ultra Sweet Natured !

Wilfred has a lovely dark nose and eye rim pigment, and a thick luxurious curly coat.

Eleven inches to the shoulder.

Super soft temperament, confident little stud, but gentle with his girls.

He is KC registered, and a beautiful example of the breed, from top winning show lines.

Stud Fee

Pedigree name.  Ritara Our Wilfred. Height 11″ to the shoulder.

Beautiful little White KC reg Toy Poodle. Champion sired with a stunning pedigree of top winning show lines. Well proven and producing the most adorable litters of beautiful puppies, with dense lush coats and soft temperaments.

He has been DNA tested clear for the following 4 diseases.

1) Prcd PRA, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, a form of blindness, common in Poodles, Cockers and Poodle Crosses.

2) Degenerative Myelopathy, a paralysing spine condition found in all breeds of dog.

3) Von Willebrands Type 1, a serious canine blood condition which can lead to excessive bleeding and complications.

4) Familial Nephropathy, a fatal kidney disease.

This enables you to guarantee to your puppy buyers that their puppy will never suffer from any of these serious canine conditions, and you do not need to have your bitch tested.

Wilfed has also been examined by a specialist orthopaedic vet, for Luxating Patella, which is a crippling condition of Poodles and Poodle crosses. It causes severe lameness and is usually only cured by surgery. He has been passed clear on this too, and certificates for all five tests will be given at the time of mating.

Wilfred produces good sized litters of very sweet puppies, one litter numbered 11 Cockapoo puppies, although litter size also depends on the fertility of the bitch.. He has produced Red, Cream, Black, White, Chocolate, Parti Coloured, and various other coloured puppies such as rare Sable, Silver, and Black and Tan, (Phantom), depending on what colour and breed he is mated to.


Wilfred is a beautiful example of the breed. He has a soft temperment, and is a confident happy little stud, but gentle with his girls. He has lovely dark nose and eye rim pigment, and a thick luxurious curly coat.

Experienced with all crosses, from tiny Poms up to Cocker Spaniel size and of course Toy Poodles.

Stud fee of two hundred pounds, payable on first mating. Copies of his KC, all his test certificates and pedigree given on first visit.